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You’re busy, and you don’t have time to waste.

You wake up every morning knowing that if you don’t achieve your number, you’re out.

Your world changes weekly – or so it seems.

New opportunities. Obstacles. Challenges. Problems.

It’s nonstop.

How do you find time to think and grow? 

Find new solutions?

Sharpen your edge?

Discover novel ideas and perspectives?

Stay ahead of industry changes?  



Change is happening so fast that it’s hard to keep pace.

Our industry publishes too many blogs, newsletters, podcasts, and webinars.

Some of these sources are great.

But most provide content that’s often self-serving,  irrelevant to your immediate needs.

For the value you get, it takes too much effort to find the gold nuggets.

Give yourself 6 minutes every 2 weeks to stay ahead

Get ideas and insights you can put to work right away. 

Keep up with SaaS industry trends. 

Hear from top thinkers about revenue growth.

Driven is ideal for revenue leaders in companies that sell. . .

  • SaaS or on-premises software to businesses (B2B)
  • Software with high average contract value (ACV)

Do you hate change? Then Driven probably isn’t for you

Most people dislike change. 

If you’re among the many who fear, deny, or resist change, you won’t get much value from Driven.

We’re for the exceptional few who openly embrace change. . .

. . .who anticipate it and want to enable or lead it. 

Bring fresh ideas to the table

[Next: How their life will be different. Paint a picture.]

Make yourself smarter

Give it just 6 minutes every 2 weeks.

Get it Saturdays

Read it any time

Get info distilled from over 40 sources

Blah blah

Industry trends

  • Pricing
  • Revenue models
  • Valuations
  • Growth drivers
  • Benchmarks, metrics, KPIs
  • Funding
  • Product-led growth

Sales & selling

  • Sales administration
  • Sales execution
  • Selling skills, processes, methods
  • Sales Operations
  • Sales training & onboarding
  • Prospecting & business development
  • Sales enablement



  • Marketing administration
  • Marketing execution
  • Marketing skills, processes, methods
  • Digital marketing
  • Account-based marketing
  • Demand generation
  • Martech
  • Outsourcing

Customer Success & Product

  • Trends 
  • Changing roles 

Management & leadership

  • Coaching
  • Hiring & staffing 
  • Motivating
  • Administration
  • Strategic planning
  • Budgeting
  • Quota setting
  • Compensation planning
  • Organizational structure
  • Communications


Data science


Software applications and tools

Salestech landscape

Martech landscape

Revenue Operations

Go to market


Access to an archive of past emails. 

What are the 3 steps to getting it? 

1. Tell me where to send it. 

2. Get last week’s issue right away. Then the new issue Saturday. 

3. Start feeling more on top of things. 

What are my ideas for a lead magnet? 

Here’s a partial list of topics you must be smart about this year:

  • Industry trends
  • Leadership
  • Managing teams
  • Execution
  • Administration
  • Technologies, including martech and salestech
  • Competition
  • Benchmarks, metrics, and KPIs
  • Staffing and hiring,
  • Sales and marketing skills
  • Processes and methodologies…


How will Driven do that?

As an angel investor, board member, and advisor to more than a dozen SaaS companies, I’m always on the lookout for ideas that could help our teams improve our businesses. 

Driven is a must read for me. It keeps me current on the latest thinking on topics ranging from comp plans to managing a Customer Success function or a team of SDRs.

It saves me hours of research in a week.  

Mike Parham

Founder and CEO, Catalysta Partners. Guest lecturer, Goizueta Business School, Emory University

With Driven, I feel I can see around corners in B2B SaaS. It makes me feel better prepared for the future.

I especially like that it shares research in a format that’s easy to read and easy to skim.

Driven always contains a few nuggets I would have missed.

I read it almost every week. I try to open it as soon as it arrives. 

John Stopper

Founder & CEO, Northstar 8

Say yes to Driven.

It’ll keep you posted about important SaaS-related topics and sources you may miss without it. 

Driven focuses 100% on B2B SaaS.

The content skews toward software with higher annual contract value (ACV).

It’s more about complex sales and selling to enterprise accounts. It’s less about transactional sales. 

Where do the ideas come from?

I’m Dave Vranicar, founder and publisher of Driven. I collect the best, most actionable and most relevant nuggets from my daily review of 40+ sources.

You get real value for almost no effort

That’s because I work hard to deliver a high value-to-effort ratio.

What does that mean?

This diagram (below) shows the value-to-effort ratio for various information channels.

With Driven, revenue leaders get the best effort-to-value ratio of any channel for B2B SaaS industry insight.

The horizontal axis represents value. The vertical axis shows the effort you invest to get the value.

The dots show where various channels fall on the effort-to-value scale.

Maybe you’d place the dots differently for each channel.

Maybe you’d say, for example, that social media offers more value for less effort than reading industry news.

I won’t argue with that.

The key point doesn’t change:

For just 7 minutes a week, Driven offers the best effort-to-value ratio of any alternative you may consider.

The email is fast and easy to read. It’s easy to skim and scan. 

And here’s the best part:

Driven always comes with no bulls**t.

The emails arrive on Sundays, when your email inbox isn’t overflowing. 

You don’t like to think about work on Sundays?

OK. Open Driven whenever you like.

But to get full value, plan to give Driven 7 minutes a week.

Why not try it? There’s no risk and no cost. And you can quit easily any time.

What do you say? Are you in?

Not ready yet? Maybe you have some questions.

Here are a few that may be on your mind. Click on the + icon to the right of each question to see the answer.  

What do you mean by revenue leaders?

By revenue leader, I mean anyone with leadership responsibility for Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, or Product Management.

Revenue leader suggests a role, a mindset, and a level of influence rather than any specific job title. 

So it may include anyone on the extended revenue team, regardless of the business function they work within.  

In the broadest sense, its anyone who has a stake in your company’s revenue growth and the influence to improve it. That list is likely to includes founders, C-level execs, owners, and investors.

What kinds of SaaS companies is Driven for?

We focus entirely on SaaS companies that sell to businesses.

We appeal mainly on companies that fit this profile:

  • High Average Contract Value (ACV). We also focus mainly on B2B SaaS companies that sell solutions at relatively high prices.
  • Complex customer buying processes. Customer decision processes involve more than one person. Some people call these complex sales. Others call them high- or intense-scrutiny sales. Prospects have many questions to answer before they choose a vendor.
  • High-touch sales processes. The sales process requires active involvement of a sales person or a full sales team.
  • Sales to accounts of all sizes. We focus on SaaS companies that sell to small, medium-sized, and enterprise accounts.
  • Long-term customer relationships. Sales for our ideal reader are not transactional.  The customer is typically looking for a long-term relationship after the deal closes.
  • Varying sizes and stages of growth. We provide ideas for B2B SaaS companies at all stages of maturity, from startups to very big, established companies.
What topics will my Driven emails cover?

The emails cover all topics relevant to revenue generation in B2B SaaS companies.

Here are a few:

  • Sales. Subtopics include sales management and administration, sales execution, sales operations, sales enablement, prospecting and business development, and more.
  • Marketing. Subtopics include marketing management and administration, marketing execution, marketing operations, demand generation, and more 
  • Sales and Marketing alignment
  • Customer Success
  • Product Management
  • Entrepreneurship, including lean startup, and startup culture
  • Customer and buyer expectations and decision processes.
  • Industry trends, including benchmarks and performance metrics
  • Technologies that support revenue growth
  • Funding trends
Does the weekly email cover the same topics as the blog?

No. The weekly email and the blog are entirely different.

About the emails

Driven‘s editor carefully curates all the content of the emails.

That means he collects and compiles ideas and insights from many sources and present them in a way that fits your interests.

He condenses the ideas, comments on them, and compiles them in ways that that add value for you.

Each email presents a kind of smörgåsbord of diverse ideas and information.

Their content is brief and concise, designed for easy skimming and scanning. You’ll rarely need more than 7 minutes to read an entire email.

Each email article offers links to other sources where you can find more information if you want it.

About the blog

The blog covers a similar range of topics, as the emails. But in covers them in more depth.

The content of blog post may be curated, but it may also be original. 

Each blog post typically covers a single topic. It often addresses a specific question that’s likely to have crossed your mind.

Blog posts ranges from about 750 words (about 3 minutes of reading time) to 3,000 words (about 12 minutes).

Blogs offer more illustrations and graphics than emails.

You say Driven draws from 40+ sources. What are some of them?

Each week Driven‘s editor scans diverse sources of news and information, including these categories:

  • SaaS Industry news and trade media, including blogs, websites, podcasts, videos, webinars, conferences, and downloadable PDFs. Specific sources include SaaStr, Sales Hacker, Growth Marketing, Get Latka, Crunchbase, Pitchbook, OpenView Partners blog, Tomasz Tonguz, David Skok, Dave Kellogg (Kellblog), Andreesen-Horowitz, Medium, and more.
  • Tech news, including Wired, TechCrunch, BI Technology, Axios Technology, and more.
  • Business news, including The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Business, Inc., Axios, Entrepreneur, Business InsiderFast Company, and others.
  • Business Journals, including the Harvard Business Review (HBR), the MIT Sloan Management Review, The McKinsey Review,
  • Social media, including Twitter, LinkedIn groups, company pages, and updates posted by my connections.
  • General news, including The New York Times, the Washington Post, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), National Public Radio (NPR), The Economist, and more. 
  • Books
How do you make my Driven emails relevant to my interests?

Driven offers several ways for you to share your preferences:

  • You can click links within emails that say whether you want more or less on a topic.
  • You can vote on the overall value of each email.
  • You can also take surveys to share what more you want to know.

Over time, Driven refines the topics and the format of what you want to see.

It sends you more of what you want and less of what you don’t.

The process is both low-tech and high-touch.

It doesn’t use bots or AI. The editor hand-picks topics and content.

A human who you can talk to writes all the summaries and distillations.

Why not offer separate emails for Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success?

I believe in “One Revenue Team.”

In many B2B SaaS companies, Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success are too isolated from one another.

They need more cross-fertilization. 

Salespeople must understand more about Marketing. Marketers must understand more about selling.

They and Customer Success teams must think about the fast-changing role of Customer Success in revenue generation.

That’s why I present information in a format where people in each revenue-related business function can easily read information about others.

How often will I receive my Driven emails?

You’ll get your email once a week, always on Sunday. 

How much does my weekly Driven email cost?

The emails cost zip. Zero. Nada. Rien.

They’ll never cost you a penny.

At some point, I will offer additional services that may cost you extra if you use them. You can accept or decline these added services.

Whatever you decide about added services, you can continue getting the emails at no charge.

Will my Driven emails include ads or sales pitches?

You’ll never see ads or sales pitches in the newsletter. Not ever

I will occasionally offer or recommend services of business partners.

The recommendations will always be brief and highly relevant to your interests.

You won’t receive any further information about the recommended services unless you click to show interest.

I may receive a commission or fee from the provider of a product or service you buy at my suggestion.

But you’ll never pay more for any services you buy because of any fee I may receive.

Will you share my contact information and data with anyone else?

No. I’ll never share your contact information or any other data with another party. 

It’s not my business model to share your information. 

For more on this, please see the privacy policy in the footer section of this page.  

How easily can I quit?

You can quit any time with a single click at the bottom of your email. 

It’s easy to quit because I want you to subscribe only if you’re getting value from your emails

When people unsubscribe, it tells me either they’re not a good fit or I must provide more value for people who are a good fit. 


Who's behind Driven?

I’m Dave Vranicar, founder and publisher of Driven.

I’m also founder and CEO of SilverStream LLC, a the company I started in 2011 when I left full-time SaaS sales.

SilverStream now offers services under these brands:

  • Driven
  • B2B Revenue Institute
  • Redwell B2B

The B2B Revenue Institute publishes information and insights for B2B revenue leaders across industries.

Redwell B2B offers sales and marketing consulting, copywriting, and content-marketing services to select clients.

Why do you publish Driven?

I have 4 goals in publishing Driven:

  1. To offer real value to time-strapped revenue leaders in SaaS. Your job is among the hardest and most stressful in any SaaS company. 
  2. To build a small business I can scale. I want grow a digital publishing business without building an organization or hiring many employees.
  3. To take advantage of my core strengths. I believe I’m good at learning, helping people, distilling information, and explaining complicated things in simple terms
  4. To stay active in the software industry, which I love.

How do you make money publishing a free weekly email?

I make no money from publishing a free weekly email.

The newsletter generates no revenue from advertising or sponsorships. I don’t sell data.

I may earn a commission or a fee if you buy services from a partner. The commission or fee I receive does not increase your cost for any services you buy.

If I do earn a commission, I’ll tell you so in the newsletter. 

Why should I trust Driven as a credible source of information about B2B SaaS?

I’m Dave Vranicar, publisher of Driven. I’ve worked for or with over 20 B2B software companies.

Since 2005, all the companies I’ve worked with sold software as a service (SaaS). Before then, all sold on-premises licenses.

SAP was the biggest software company I’ve worked for. It was then one of the top 3 B2B software providers in the world.

About 8 other companies I worked for were much smaller. They were either startups or sold less than $20 million in annual revenue.

One went public. Oracle bought them a few years later.

I sold more than $100 million in software and services in 5 years.

That was in the days of on-premises software licenses, sold to enterprise accounts.

Those 5 years weren’t the norm for my 20 years in B2B software sales.

I’ve lived through both the highs and lows of a long sales career.

I’m not the best salesperson you’ll ever meet. Far from it.

No one would call me a “natural” at sales. 

I’ve been a journeyman for decades. I earned my sales chops the hard, slow way… by studying the craft and making mistakes. 

I’m current with recent sales and marketing trends.

I’m strong in digital, direct-response, and content marketing, which I’ve studied and practiced since 2008.

In the past 10 years, I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on training to keep myself current. 

I’ve been a full-time marketing consultant, copywriter, and content creator since 2011. 

I know bad marketing when I see it.

The only way to know good marketing is to test it.

But bad marketing? It’s often obvious without testing.   

I ask good questions and learn from people who know more than I do. 

I’ve developed a strong B.S. detector.

Hemmingway said this: “The most essential gift for a good writer is a built-in, shockproof, shit detector. This is the writer’s radar and all great writers have had it.”

I don’t hope to be a great writer. But I do have a good shit detector.

I especially hate sales and marketing B.S. Get Driven, and you’ll see. You may not always like what I say. 

Some colleagues, customers, and clients have guessed I’m an engineer by training.

I’m good at explaining complicated things in simple terms.

Like some engineers, I can be a pain.

Maybe it’s because I’m thorough. And I struggle against perfectionism.

On the positive side, perfectionism drives me to produce solid work.

But sadly, it’s never perfect.

The next deadline is always around the corner.

I learned in journalism school that at deadline time you have to go with what you’ve got. 

I’ve been writing professionally since graduate school.

That’s a long time.

I hold a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.