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    Issue 41

    August 15, 2020


    Get by with a little help from your friends

    In this issue…

    Remember when you had to figure things out for yourself in sales and marketing?

    Those days seem to be ending – provided you’re open to seeking help from peers.

    Today you can probably find a community of sellers and marketers to help you with almost anything you’re likely to need.

    And they’re not there to sell you something.

    Are you skeptical?

    You have good reason to be wary.

    LinkedIn groups haven’t worked well for years, and most have only gotten worse.

    They’ve been overrun with people trying to sell you their crap.

    When you show up, you feel like fresh meat arriving at a processing plant.

    But the best of the new communities don’t rely on LinkedIn groups.

    They’ve moved to other platforms where group owners have more control, such as Slack, Substack, Mighty Networks, or Facebook.

    A few don’t even use a tech platform. They just meet on Zoom at designated times.

    Your article this week tells you where to find 7 such communities.


    7 active (and mostly *free*) communities for marketers and sellers

    New communities for marketers and sellers seem to pop up like chanterelles.

    You’ll read here about 7 of the best I’ve found.

    They’re worth a look for these reasons:

    1. They have active members.

    It’s not like a ghost town when you show up. People post to them regularly.

    2. They serve practical needs.

    You can make good connections through them.

    You can get helpful advice from other members.

    You can even find your next job through them.

    3. They’re mostly empty of trolls and people trying to sell you their products or services.

    They have high membership standards, and they enforce them.

    You can’t use them to sell your stuff. And neither can anyone else.

    Here’s a quick rundown, with contact information for each.

    The SalesGenius Network

    Despite its name, this group is for both sellers and marketers.

    It’s moving its plaform from Facebook to Mighty Networks.

    There’s no charge to join. Learn more here.


    The founder of this group seems to have nothing in common with those who started The SalesGenius Network.

    This active, fast-growing community is on Slack.

    You can get access through the LinkedIn profile of its founder, Jared Robin.

    They offer a free-trial period. If you choose to join, it’s unclear how much you’ll pay.

    The Revenue Collective

    This is a heavy-duty, private group for people with the rank of VP or higher in revenue leadership roles.

    They have local affiliates in many U.S. cities and in countries around the world.

    Membership is by invitation only. CEOs and consultants are not welcome. The monthly fee is about $80. Apply here.

    Superpath and Content Marketing Career Growth

    Superpath is a marketplace for people who are looking for work in content marketing. It’s also a great place to go for those who want to hire someone.

    Content Marketing Career Growth (CMCG) is an active and lively Slack community. It’s only for people who are involved in content marketing or want to be.

    Neither CMCG nor Superpath has a membership fee.

    Both are run by Animalz, a high-end content marketing agency for SaaS companies.

    You can apply for admission to CMCG here.

    Thursday Night Sales

    This is a regularly scheduled Zoom get-together.

    They also have a LinkedIn group that’s morphing into a close-knit, high-energy community.

    About 100 or more sellers and marketers get together at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Thursday nights.

    They chat, share resources, trade insights, debate issues, and make friends.

    Its founders and hosts are Amy Volas and Scott Leese.

    Amy is a recruiter for B2B SaaS sales roles. Scott is a consultant who specializes in inside sales. Both are well connected in the SaaS industry.

    Most participants seem to be involved in lower-end, transactional SaaS sales and marketing.

    Demand Gen Live

    This is another lively and highly engaged weekly Zoom session.

    It’s mainly for demand-gen marketers, but participation is open to anyone.

    The group meets Tuesday nights at 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

    The hosts and founders are Chris Walker and Gaetano Di Nardi.

    Chris is founder and CEO of Refine Labs, a marketing agency. Gaetano is director of demand gen at Nextiva.

    Sign up here to participate.

    Enterprise Sales Forum

    This is a community for sellers who specialize in high-end deals. It’s hosted on Substack.

    Membership at the basic level is at no charge. It gives you access to a weekly newsletter and a blog.

    To join the community, you pay $9.99 a month or $99.00 a year.

    Learn more here.


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    Dave Vranicar


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