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    Issue 34

    June 13, 2020


    Brand-led demand gen: Ideas you haven’t considered



    In this week’s issue…

    This week’s Driven brings you the third article in an ongoing series about demand generation.

    In the 2 preceding issues, you’ve read how B2B companies waste huge amounts of time, money, and resources to generate sales leads.

    The waste occurs because only a small percentage of leads ever close. Yet companies spend a lot of time and effort to qualify them.

    You read last week about the faulty process of inbound lead generation–at least as many B2B SaaS companies do it today.

    You’ll read this week about an alternative approach that enables you to sell more by selling less.

    What is brand-led demand generation?

    This is an inovative, counterintuitive process that’s driven by performance data.

    The process is so new that it has no common name. So I came up with my own. I call it brand-led demand gen.

    It’s a way to create better pipeline opportunities that close faster.

    Sellers like it because it makes their lives easier by building trust and familiarity. Buyers come to them when they’re ready to buy.

    Marketers like it because it gets them off the lead-gen hamster wheel.

    It reduces bickering between sellers and marketers.

    Executives like it because it increases revenue velocity and reduces customer acquisition cost (CAC).

    Customers like it because it reduces friction and irritation in their buying process.

    You’ll find more on the topic in a new post on the Driven blog:

    “A Counter-intuitive approach to demand gen: Stop Selling. Build brand.

    To read it now, punch this button:


    You must promote your blog content. Here’s how.

    Many B2B marketers wonder why their blog gets so little traffic. Here are the 3 main suspects:

    • The content sucks.
    • Your search engine optimization is poor.
    • You don’t promote it enough.

    If your content sucks, you’re not going to fix it overnight. But you might start with this article by Brian Dean of Backlinko:

    “17 Actionable Content Marketing Tips for More Traffic.” His stuff is always very good and very detailed.

    You’ll find plenty of related resources about SEO and traffic generation on his blog here.

    if your promotion is weak, you can start improving it tomorrow.

    Here’s an article that gives you almost every method under the sun to break through noise and indifference.

    It’s “How to promote An Article: 76 Content-Promotion Strategies for Blog Content.” Andy Crestodina, the author, works at Orbit Media Studios in Chicago. He always posts good stuff.

    SaaS pricing strategy: Good way to rescue a disappointing year?

    Your SaaS pricing strategy can help with both customer retention and new-customer acquisition.

    In an otherwise disappointing year, it could help you finish stronger than you expected.

    Patrick Cambell and his team at ProfitWell have prepared an in-depth guide to pricing for companies that sell products on subscription.

    Its insights are driven by data ProfitWell has gathered from thousands of SaaS companies.

    The Anatomy of SaaS Pricing Strategy is a behemoth, 139-page PDF.

    You can download it at no charge and without filling out a form.

    I haven’t read the whole thing, but I’ve browsed its Table of Contents and read a few sections.

    The guide is somewhat oriented toward SaaS products with lower average contract value (ACV).

    But it also shares plenty of insights on value-based pricing. You can apply those to higher-priced enterprise SaaS products.

    If you’re thinking about pricing or repricing your SaaS product, I’d call this a must read.


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    Dave Vranicar


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