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    Date Subject line Topics
    43 August 30 40+ years, in 5 minutes 6 suggestions for life and career, from 42 years (so far) in B2B tech sales and marketing
    42 August 22 Who should lead your sales team? Deal coach or systems builder?
    41 August 15 Get by with a little help from your friends Communities for revenue leaders
    40 August 8 How sales & marketing are adapting | What’s happening with account-based marketing
    39 August 3 How Covid-19 has changed B2B buying
    38 July 26 How trustworthy are you and your company?
    37 July 19 When customers say no to a case study | Priceless sales & marketing advice, fast and at no cost | Avoid board meeting boredom
    36 July 12 How to negotiate a winning proposal | What not to do when you’ve lost a deal
    35 June 28 Should your sellers create their own content? | How to establish thought leadership
    34 June 13 Brand-led demand gen: Ideas you haven’t considered  Brands and branding; lead generation; demand generation
    33 June 7 How lead-gen inefficiency leaves your sellers hungry
    32 May 30 Rethink your lead-gen performance How to improve the very poor performance of most B2B lead-gen programs |Try “The State of Demand Gen” podcast | Don’t put an agency or junior marketer in charge of a big pay-per-click ad program you don’t understand
    31 May 16 4 old-school beliefs | Produce more and better webinars
    30 May 9 Enterprise sales without face-to-face meetings? | How to find accounts that are shopping for software like yours
    29 May 2 Grow revenue through your current customers Pricing and customer-retention strategies
    28 April 25 Job prospects for revenue leaders | 7 scenarios for recovery | Updated expectations of revenue leaders | Make your web content easier to find | Most common SaaS revenue models | New tool: How to reach your target audiences
    27 April 18 Start zigging | Learn LinkedIn 
    26 April 11 See how your peers are doing | Bring your best to video calls | Try this to control fear | Can customer intent data work for you?
    25 April 4 Ripples become a tsunami | Find prospects who are shopping | Prepare for marketing budget cuts Customer intent data. Ways to justify marketing costs to protect recurring revenue. Ideas for small, peer-to-peer videoconferences.
    24 March 28 How the virus attacks sales pipe | Prospecting in the time of COVID-19 | Videoconferences: 2 ways to improve them
    23 March 21 Powering through: What to do 12 ideas for revenue leaders to get through the next few weeks
    22 March 14 A sales method for uncertain times | COVID-19 resources Top books on value selling and complex sales.
    21 March 7 Make like a cockroach | Coronavirus black swan | Manage your ‘scary factor’ | Canceled industry events
    20 February 29 Your sales & marketing content (meh)
    19 February 22 Sales & marketing window dressing? | Account exec performance & pay
    18 February 16 Beacon of light for product managers | Profit from headwinds | Smart use for interactive content | New support group for revenue leaders
    17 February 10 Can sales tech save your bacon? Only if you do this…
    16 February 2 6 SaaS trends to float your boat
    15 January 26 Crazy quotas | 3x case studies | Heresy!
    14 January 20 Swipe revenue from your competitors | How much to pay sales reps | Help your SDRs reach the C-Suite | Get more from your trade shows
    13 January 12 Quota club conundrum | Top SaaS performance metric | Get more done faster | Up your webinar game | New SaaStr U
    12 January 5 Tapeworms & consultants | SaaS status & predictions | How much funding do you need? | Measure the sales productivity of any company | Customer Success & Sales: Kissing cousins | What SMBs look for in SaaS solutions


    Get your own copy of Driven every week.


      Issue Date Subject line Topics
      11 December 15 Your SaaS health check | Call to battle | Revenue Ops to the rescue? | The right home for your SDRs? | Managing seasonal overwhelm
      10 December 8 Customer experience at risk? | Marketing’s surprising priority | Indispensable product managers | More women in sales? Why & how? | Growth hacking tools
      09 November 24 Boffo kickoff | Rescue your content | Questions you don’t like | PDF data grabber
      08 November 17 Fast-building SaaS wave | Consumer privacy deadline | Survey research for bus dev
      07 November 10 Cold emails got the bug?
      06 November 3 Demographic upheaval for SaaS vendors | Preferences of Millennial software buyers | Neglected sales content | Trends in Demand Gen
      05 October 27 For faster enterprise sales, slow your discovery
      04 October 20 How to shorten your sales cycles (It’s not easy.)
      03 October 13 Is winter coming to SaaS?
      02 October 6 The update you requested from Driven
      01 September 22 Your copy of the email you requested (inaugural issue)


      Get your own copy of Driven every week.