Selling value: The vanishing art of elite sale performers

If you’re not selling value, you’re competing on price.

Good luck with that in a highly competitive B2B SaaS market.

This article shares ideas and resources to help you and your sellers refine their skills in selling value.

Why it matters now

Job turnover among sellers is likely to be higher than normal in the coming months. (See “Brace Yourself for Massive Employee Turnover in the Next 12 Months.“)

Whether you’re hiring new sellers or coaching your current team, you’ll have a big advantage if your people can sell value over product features or technology.

Ideas to consider

  • Value selling has been around for decades. Yet the skills are uncommon, except among top-performing sellers.
  • A generation of sales people has come into enterprise SaaS sales with only a minority having learned to sell value. Only about 40% of all sellers know how to do it.
  • Only about half of sellers with more than 10 years of experience can sell value. But among the top 5% of sellers, 97% can. These numbers come from the Objective Management Group (OMG), which runs an ongoing study of almost 2 million sellers.
  • Many B2B SaaS companies haven’t offered enough training and coaching to their sellers. Instead they’ve relied on the skills of older, more experienced reps. But those reps are disappearing. As for the sales training SaaS companies do provide, it often focuses on products—not on how to sell business value.
  • The bigger and more complex the SaaS products you sell, the more your team needs skills in selling value.
  • Some online training courses and many good books teach the essentials of selling value. You can also help enable value selling through the kinds of content you provide to your sellers.


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Date of first publication:  2021-07-04

Date of most recent revision: 2021-07-07

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