How B2B buyer behavior & expectations are changing: What buyers want from you now

 The people who buy your B2B SaaS products have changed. Maybe forever.

Chances are good that your buyers have changed more than your company’s go-to-market approach has.

This article shares insights from several recent third-party research studies of B2B buyer behavior. 

Why it matters now

With so much change afoot, opportunities abound. So do hazards.

As economies start to reopen after Covid-19, demand for many categories of software will be strong. The companies that have adapted to new buyer expectations will be ready to thrive.

Ideas to consider

  • Some buying decisions have grown longer, and others have accelerated. It’s hard to distinguish a pattern. The differences seem to depend on the size of the company, the importance of the buying decision, and the kind of software they’re buying. As a vendor, you must be agile to adapt to the pace your prospects set.
  • In smaller and mid-sized companies, buying decisions have become more formal. Decisions are more likely to involve a designated buying committee. And the number of influencers has grown.
  • Digital content is a major factor in buying decisions. Buyers are generally satisfied with content from vendors. Even so, they’d like to see 3 improvements. Vendors that offer these improvements are likely to have an advantage.
  • Content preferences vary with the role of the individual buyer: main decision maker, internal influencers and researchers, technical influencers, or end users.
  • Vendor websites are important to the buying decision. Buyers prefer vendor sites that meet 5 criteria. One is transparent discussion of pricing.
  • Some studies have found that online ads have little influence over B2B buying decisions. A recent research report suggests otherwise.


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Date of first publication:  2021-07-04

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